Home Rewiring in Northwest Vermont

Keep Your Home Safe

Every home should provide a comfortable environment and most of all, safety. If you live in an older home
your electrical system could be out of date. With modern advances, the standards of home electrical systems change to adapt to the growing demands. Newer electronics and appliances require increased capacity and are pushing homes to their electrical limit. As part of our goal to make your home safe and efficient, Melody Electric offers residential wiring and rewiring services.

Signs Your Home May Need Rewiring:

  • Ungrounded Electrical Systems
  • Repeated Blown Electrical Fuses
  • Plugs / Sockets Heating
  • Dated or Mixed Wiring
  • Over Use of Extension Cords
  • Breakers Tripping
Electrician Stripping Wire In House - Home Wiring in Williston, VT